About us

DutchOnions BV is specialised in the growing, storage and harvest of red and yellow onion sets.
You will find our plots of farmland on the most fertile areas of Flevoland. That combined with professional care for the products, a sustainable quality of oniom sets is the result.
DutchOnions is not only supplier, but also gives advice how to grow onions under different circumstances and soiltypes.
Trade and Packing
William Mol has been raised up between the onions and has a great passion for the product. He is responsible for the sales and packing of the onions. Reliability, fast transit times and a good overall quality are key goals of DutchOnions BV.
Partner for the professional grower.
Are you looking for onion sets for you or your clients? We have chosen to keep the complete chain from sowing to delivery in our own hands. This enables us to give you the right advice what varietie to use. We supply our sets treated if you wish.
Business abroad
Doing business abroad needs knowledge about cultural differences and foremost a clear and fair communication. That’s where DutchOnions stand for. We aim for a long-term relationship with our suppliers and clients.