Onion Sets

First year Onion Sets?

onion sets

Onion sets are little onions and a good solution for growing areas where circumstances are not that ideal. Onion sets are sown very thick and early harvested. For that reason they stay small.
During winter the onions are stored and planted in the following spring. Then they mature to onions for consumption. Because onion sets are not to frost they can be planted very early. Harvest of onion sets taking place from the beginning of June. Earlier than direct-sown onions.

Advantages of  Onion Sets

Onion sets have many advantages above directly sown onions.
  • Onion sets have a very short growing period. This is a particular benefit in countries where the season is very short, like the Scandinavian countries and in some parts of Eastern Europe.
  • Onion sets can be harvested early, 4 weeks earlier is normally possible.
  • Growing onionsets is less risky that sowing onions, because onion sets already overcame their first critical growth stadium.
  • Onion sets are very suited for growing big or early harvestable onions. When the harvest gets underway, prices are often favorable. By choosing a particular varietie, size and plant density the grower can influence his yield positively.
  • Onion sets are less dependent on day-length. A great benefith in Northern countries where the growth season is too short to sow onions.
  • Dry content of  second year onionsets is higher than directly sown onions. Therefore, the onion is very suitable for industrial applications.

Onion Sets add value

The many benefits of the onion sets are wellknown in the complete chain from growers to graders, onionpackers and peeling-companies. Our onion sets are (prepared) very useful for growing onions in the Netherlands and abroad.